Self-driving tow-tractor for logistics

Meet Autonom® Tract - Self-driving, electric, and monitored, this unique autonomous tow-tractor is the solution to facilitate the transport of goods on industrial sites and airports.

Association of two market leaders

Navya and Charlatte Manutention created Charlatte Autonom in October 2018 to develop autonomous tractor solutions for industrial sites and airports.

This subsidiary combines the proven quality and performance of Charlatte Manutention’s T135 electric luggage tractor, the best-selling machine on the market with more than 20,000 vehicles in operation worldwide and a world market leadership position, with Navya’s unique know-how in autonomous vehicles.

Introducing Innovation for Logistics, Today, Together

The experimentations of Autonom® Tract allow for the introduction of technological innovation into the heart of goods transport today and into the future. During these experimentations of several months, all the players of the logistics flow participate in the implementation of the autonomous tractor, located at the heart of their eco-system.

Co-constructed with the actors of the airport and industrial sectors, the experimentations allow for:

  • Upstream discoveries of major evolutions that the flow of baggage or goods will undergo
  • Immediate benefits identification in terms of performance and safety provided by autonomous tractor solutions
  • Skill-based development of all stakeholders: from project teams to field teams.

360° environment real-time

Thanks to the Navya Driver® intelligence software and a tailor made sensor kit, the Autonom® Tract evolves through its environment and detects obstacles, without a driver.

Improve service performance

Self-driving, electric, safe, and monitored – The Autonom® Tract is manufactured using the same highly reliable components found in Charlatte Manutention’s T135 series.

Autonom® Tract features

  • Pulls up to 25 tons*;
  • Maximum speed / Autonomous driving: 15 kph*
  • Maximum speed / Manual driving: 25 kph
  • Software: Navya Driver®
  • Sensor architecture: Navya sensor set
  • Energy battery type: Lead or lithium

*Depending on the customer’s site application.

Use case

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