Self-Driving Custom Solution

Discover Driven by Navya – Turn your self-driving project to reality with Navya self-driving technology.

Embed the most advanced
technology on the market
into your vehicle platform

Already proven since 2015 with Autonom® Shuttle – sold at 170 units (as of June 30, 2020) worldwide – and Autonom® Tract, Navya’s self-driving technology is now available for third-party platforms integration.

It offers outstanding value-added through 5 key benefits :

  • Increased reliability and optimized flows
  • Optimized operational costs
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Extended range of applications
  • Full integration with existing systems and environment

For which applications?

Our self-driving solution is designed to perform in the following conditions:

People or Goods
Navya technology applies in an extended range of applications.
Navya is ensuring consistent performance under wide weather conditions.
Closed site
The integration of Navya technology is available for private sites within a controlled environment.
Short trips
Short recurring trips at a maxium speed of 25kph

Potential applications

Our R&D teams identify new fields of applications where self-driving mobility will increase reliability and optimize flows of transportation:

  • Airports and Ports
  • Industrial sites and Logistics hubs
  • Touristic sites such as Hotels, Resorts or Parks
  • City Centers, Suburban Areas, Rural Areas

How does it work?

Combine Navya’s unique know-how in self-driving intelligence and sensors architecture with your experience in industrial flows management and vehicle platform design.
Our solution includes:

  • Tailored sensor set
  • Self-driving software and hardware

Use-case: Airport tow
tractor turned to self-driving

Navya and Charlatte manutention associated in 2018 to develop autonomous tractor solutions for industrial sites and airports. The Autonum® Tract was brought into service with Air France at Toulouse-Blagnac airport for transporting baggage between the baggage sorting area and aircraft.

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