Self-driving solutions for passenger transportation

Today, mobility services are confronted with the triple challenge faced by the urban transport ecosystem: economic, environmental and social.

The market is shifting from personal vehicles to “mobility as a service” solutions, individual or shared.

Cities are experiencing saturated traffic conditions, and private sites are facing mobility difficulties. It’s becoming crucial to find new solutions – self-driving vehicles participate in solving these issues.

Autonom® Shuttle Evo

Self-driving and electric – our shuttle serves cities and private sites by improving mobility.

  1. First and last mile travel solution
  2. 160 units sold around the world
  3. Fits in cities and private sites

Why should I choose Autonom® Shuttle Evo?

Turnkey solution all-in-one – vehicle, software and services.

Driven by Navya

With Navya technology, your vehicle move efficiently and can make the best decisions, without a driver.

  1. Tailored solution for your platform and its environment
  2. Navya Driver®: The most proven intelligence software on the market
  3. Unique high-performance sensor kit

Why should I choose Driven by Navya ?

Upgrade your vehicle with Navya self-driving solutions.

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