Navya autonomous shuttle advantages

170 units of Navya’s Autonom® Shuttle were sold by June 30, 2020. Its cutting-edge and high-performance navigation system ensures smooth-running and safe transport for passengers – either on private or public roads.

Features of our mobility solutions

An autonomous and smart driving system

The Navya shuttle is self-driven – It has neither a steering wheel nor any pedals, and can transport passengers for 9 hours on average without needing to be recharged.

Thanks to its many sensors, it detects external obstacles, alerts other road users and makes the most appropriate decisions for each situation it encounters.

An eco-friendly mobility solution

The Autonom® Shuttle is 100% electric. It does not emit any CO2 into the atmosphere and thus makes for an eco-friendly transport solution, perfect for a sustainable development approach.

A truly innovative shuttle

The Navya self-driving system is currently one of the most high-performance on the market. Using cutting-edge equipment, it transports passengers promptly over the first and last miles of their journey.

A safe transport system

Thanks to its real-time obstacle detection system, the Navya shuttle transports passengers in optimal safety conditions – regardless of the situation.

A beautifully-designed mobility solution

Navya shuttles offer neat and carefully-designed inner and outer lines. Its stylish design shows an ergonomic glazed passenger compartment, offering a 360° view. Passengers can travel in ideal comfort conditions and can make the most of technological services.

A self-driving shuttle offering personalised configuration

The inside of the Navya driving system is easy to configure and meets the needs of passengers with reduced mobility.

A mobility solution open to customisation

Navya offers transport solutions that can adapt to the company’s brand image and the local environment. Customers can have their own personalized design, meeting their brand requirements.

A shuttle that complies with regulations in force

Our certification department guarantees the vehicles’ compliance with any and all regulations in force. On private sites, the shuttles do not require any particular authorizations.

Holistic services to optimise shuttle commissioning

Navya offers a set of services to optimize the shuttles’ use and make commissioning easier: training, 24/7 maintenance, supervision, etc.

The Navya shuttle: what benefits?

Navya’s Autonom® Shuttle mobility solution has been experimented all over the world – both on public and private sites.

For towns

– Traffic in urban centres is less congested;

– Transport time and urban travelling conditions are optimised;

– The local transport network is strengthened;

– New urban areas served;

– Pollution problems reduced;

For private sites

– Improves on-site passenger transport (workers, partners, customers, visitors, employees);
– Reduces parking and mobility problems;
– Increases productivity benefits;
– Reduces pollution levels;
– Enhances the company’s brand image.

Our autonomous shuttle benefits currently meet the requirements expressed by many customers: our self-driven shuttles are used in over 20 countries and all over the world (Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania, etc.).