Driverless transportation solutions

Driverless vehicle solutions have now been deployed for several years in various countries throughout the world. In France, Navya offers one of the most high-performance autonomous transport systems on the market: the Autonom® Shuttle.

Automated and self-driving vehicles

Autonomous vehicles operating without a driver have been a core interest for research centers in companies throughout the world – both automotive manufacturers and high-tech companies specialized in automated transportation. Though, the race for innovation is an international affair, China and the United States have asserted themselves as pioneer developers of the system. In France, the sector is also competitive – the French government authorized testing of autonomous and self-driving vehicles in real situations on open roads in 2019.

Autonom® Shuttle: the most experienced shuttle on the market

Navya is a French leader in autonomous mobility solutions and has developed one of the most high-performance shuttles. Launched in 2015, this fully autonomous driving system is now being experimented in over 21 countries – both in cities and on private sites. Urban dwellers can already make the most of its services in Lyon (Confluence district) and in Val Thorens (Savoie).


– Able to transport up to 15 passengers over the first and last mile, without needing a driver;

– Runs on public roads or private sites;

– Operates autonomously for 9 hours on average;

– Uses 100% electric power.

Several self-driven autonomous shuttles are currently being operated throughout the world. Forthcoming technological progress should make system development even more advanced in the near future.

Experimentations of self-driven autonomous vehicles

Driverless transport vehicles are deployed throughout the world – both on public roads and private sites.

Automated shuttles in Lyon

The city of Lyon has been experimenting with transporting passengers in driverless electric shuttles since September 2016. Two vehicles developed by Navya have been running in the Confluence area, along a 1.3-kilometer circuit, stopping at 5 stations from the tramway exit to office buildings.

Autonomous shuttles in Val Thorens

In February 2019, the Val Thorens ski resort was selected to experiment with the very first mountain resort autonomous shuttle. Set up through a collaboration between Navya and the Bertolami coach company, this vehicle is the very first four-wheel drive electric autonomous shuttle in the world.