Experimentations with Navya’s Autonomous Shuttles

Launched in 2015, our self-driving system is currently being experimented in several areas throughout the world (Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania, etc.). Since the system was created, 160 automated vehicles have been sold in over 20 countries. Their innovative performance levels meet the requirements expressed by both local communities and companies.

Autonom® Shuttle: experimentations in cities

Our autonomous mobility solutions in Lyon, France

Two Navya electric shuttles have been deployed in Lyon since September 2016. They transport passengers over 1.3 kilometers, with 5 stops in the Confluence district. The experiment was named Navly, and is run by Navya and Keolis – with support from the city of Lyon and local transport authority Sytral.

Our autonomous mobility solutions in Val Thorens

In February 2019, Val Thorens was selected to experiment with the very first mountain resort autonomous shuttle. Developed by Navya and the Bertolami Group – known for its coaches – this vehicle is the very first four-wheel drive electric autonomous vehicle in the world.

Our autonomous mobility solutions in Masdar City

Seven Autonom Shuttle models have been deployed since September 2018 in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s “eco-city”. Transporting 4,500 passengers from Sunday to Thursday, these Navya vehicles link the Masdar City car park to the city center.

Navya shuttles are also being experimented on public roads in Switzerland (Sion), Sweden (Gothenburg, Chalmers University) and Australia (Perth).

Autonom® Shuttle: experimentations on private sites

Private companies also use Navya vehicles to transport staff and visitors. Several sites are currently experimenting with them, to test their performance.

Navya shuttles in MCity

A Navya autonomous shuttle has been circulating since 2016 in MCity – a fictional town in Michigan (part of the Michigan University) dedicated to trials and research on self-driving vehicles.

Navya shuttles at Salford University

In England, an Autonom Shuttle has been circulating during the week since October 2018 at Salford University. It transports students and visitors between the main campus and Media City, where the second campus is located.

Navya shuttles in Fukushima

Three Autonom® Shuttles have been transporting employees and visitors within TEPCO Fukushima nuclear plant site in Japan since April 2018. Our self-driven and electric mobility solutions do 5.6-kilometer rounds there.

Several other experimental sites are currently ongoing within private sites throughout the world – like in Hong Kong (Nursery Park) or in the Netherlands (Scheemda Hospital in the Groningen province).