How does an autonomous shuttle work?

Navya shuttles are 100% electric and autonomous and made for transporting 15 passengers over the first and last miles of a journey. This innovative mobility solution is currently one of the most experienced autonomous driving systems on the market.

How do Navya shuttles work?


The Navya electric shuttle aims to transport passengers in an autonomous manner. They have no driver, steering wheel or pedals, and ensure comfortable and 100% safe transport over the first and last miles of a journey.

The notion of first and last miles means users use the shuttle to begin their trip (to reach a public transport network for instance), and again to reach their final destination.

Navya’s autonomous shuttle:

– Transports 15 passengers maximum (11 seated, 4 standing) on public or private roads;

– Operates for 9 hours straight, on average;

– Runs within company sites or in cities at 25 kph maximum speed;

– Offers comfortable transport, adapted to various passenger profiles (including persons with reduced mobility).

Navigation features

To operate in optimal safety conditions, our solution relies on high-performance guidance and detection systems, combining several cutting-edge technologies: lidars, cameras, RTK navigation, IMU, odometry.

The various sensors model the vehicle’s environment before communicating the information to the on-board computer, which then processes the data in real-time, confirms the shuttle’s position to the nearest centimeter and makes the best navigation decisions according to the situation.

Where to try Navya shuttle?

The Autonom Shuttle driving system is currently deployed all over the world. Its performance levels enable it to meet the needs of:
– local communities, wishing to offer citizens a transport offer better-suited to their current mobility challenges;
– private companies, confronted with daily transport issues for their workers, employees, partners, and visitors.
Using the Navya shuttle is very easy. Whether on public or private roads, the vehicle will stop in previously-defined places along its circuit. You simply have to get on board and let the shuttle guide you!

In terms of design, the shuttle offers neat lines – for a comfortable and ergonomic seating area. The large windows offer perfect outside vision and increase the feeling of comfort. Passengers can travel comfortably and safely, free of any constraints.

How our Navya autonomous driving system operates in Lyon, France

Since 2016, two automated vehicles have been transporting passengers through the Confluence district of Lyon, France. The shuttles operate along a 1.3-kilometer route: they pick passengers up at the exit of the tramway line then stop at 5 stations. In Lyon, the Navya autonomous mobility solutions are available every 15 minutes during peak hours and every half an hour for the rest of the day.

Several other cities are currently experimenting with our revolutionary autonomous driving systems. In France, you can also travel onboard one of Navya’s shuttles in the area of Val Thorens (Savoie). All our international shuttle experiments are detailed online – whether in Asia, Europe, North America or the United States.