LIDAR sensors in Navya’s autonomous shuttles

Navya’s autonomous vehicles use LIDAR sensors to detect obstacles and optimize vehicle navigation. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology and when associated with Navya’s driving software, our mobility solutions are one of the most experienced in the autonomous transportation market.

What is the LIDAR technology?

The term LIDAR (for light detection and ranging) refers to a distance measurement technique relying on the analysis of a light beam (generally a laser). It covers a wide range of applications:

– reconstructing 3D environments;

– detecting buried archaeological sites;

– checking driving speeds within the context of road safety;

– determining atmospheric composition via satellites, etc.

LIDAR technology is also used by Navya to guide its autonomous vehicles. The sensors using this system guarantee precise shuttle location and optimally detect any obstacles along the way.

How do the LIDAR sensors work on Navya’s shuttles?

NAVYA’s autonomous shuttles are fitted with a wide array of sensors, including:

– two LIDAR sensors able to detect obstacles with a 360° range, located just above the vehicle’s front windscreen;

– six LIDAR sensors able to detect obstacles with a 180° range, located on the sides and lower front section of the vehicle.

These sensors ensure perfect 2D and 3D perception, so the outside environment can be properly mapped and any obstacles on the shuttle’s path can be detected.

The LIDAR technology is associated with several other sensors (odometry sensors, cameras, GNSS antenna), as well as to the vehicle’s on-board computer. All these devices model out the environment in which the vehicle is advancing and communicate the information to the on-board computer. The latter can make any necessary navigation decisions according to the situation at hand, and confirm the vehicle’s position down to the centimeter.

The use of high-tech LIDAR sensors has revolutionized the transport sector. Our vehicles now meet the requirements of various infrastructures: local communities, airports, hospitals, campuses, hotels, industrial sites, theme parks, etc.

Advantages to Navya’s autonomous shuttle

With its cutting-edge technology and obstacle detection system, Navya’s Autonom® Shuttle is currently one of the most experienced mobility solutions on the market.

Navya’s shuttle offers several advantages.

– Operates without a driver;

– Lowers the site’s carbon footprint thanks to its 100% electric system;

– Transports up to 15 passengers;

– Guarantees smooth-running, continuous and safe passenger transport thanks to high-tech LIDAR devices and a set of innovative and cutting-edge sensors;

– Can operate on private sites (no prior authorization required) or on public roads, without a driver, steering wheel or pedals;

– Provides a holistic mobility solution (training, supervision, maintenance);

– Offers customizable design;

– Adapts to various passenger needs (including persons with reduced mobility);

– Meets transport requirements expressed by cities and private companies.

Navya’s teams are available at any time to present the LIDAR system’s features, as well as the full set of functionalities sported by our autonomous vehicles.