Smart Navya buses

Navya has developed a next-generation electric and autonomous minibus. This smart, self-driving shuttle can transport up to 15 passengers on public or private roads. Several companies, communities and cities are now using its technology to meet major mobility and flow management challenges.

What is Navya’s autonomous minibus?

The Navya minibus is a shuttle designed to transport up to 15 passengers in an autonomous manner (self-driven). Fitted with cutting-edge technology, this vehicle is able to run on public or private roads and paths.

How does the Navya minibus work?

The smart Navya bus runs without a driver thanks to a high-performance guidance and detection system. Relying on the system’s sensors, it locates itself precisely within its environment and adapts navigation according to the various situations it may be presented with (obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians, etc.).

Navya’s autonomous bus functionalities

 – Transports up to 15 passengers on the first and last mile (users take the shuttle to start their journey, and again to reach their final destination).

– Ensures smooth-running, continuous and safe transport

– Offers a high level of comfort

– Adapts to various passenger profiles as its inside design can be configured

– Enhances the establishment’s image thanks to customised outer designs

– Reduces operating costs and lowers the site’s carbon footprint thanks to its 100% electric and autonomous system

A holistic transport offer

Navya minibuses come with a whole range of services. This is to ensure easier and optimized everyday use.
– Certification
Navya buses comply with the latest regulations in force.

  • On private sites: our buses do not require any specific authorisations to be used
  • On public roads: local communities must formulate a request and submit it to the competent authorities. Navya teams can help with the paperwork and speed up the authorisation process with public authorities

– Training

  • Navya trains autonomous bus operators for everyday use

– 24/7 supervision

  • Real-time vehicle supervision; Management of any problems encountered; Operational assistance; Customer follow-up

– 24/7 maintenance

What are the benefits of a Navya minibus?

Autonomous buses designed by Navya come as a solution to issues currently encountered by private sites and local communities: passenger transport, flow management, respect of the environment, preserving air quality, improving transport conditions for urban citizens and workers, improving productivity.

– For local communities

  • Strengthening the local transport network
  • Optimizing transport offers
  • Serving new urban areas
  • Improving dwellers’ quality of life
  • Reducing road congestion, parking and pollution issues

– For private sites

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving on-site air quality
  • Increasing safety
  • Optimizing employee and visitor transport
  • Enhancing brand image

Navya smart buses can adapt to the needs of different user profiles. Navya teams create designs in line with the site’s environment and offer customizable configurations (namely for persons with reduced mobility).

Navya autonomous buses currently rank as the market’s most experienced mobility solution. Several communities and companies already use their technology throughout the world: towns, local communities, hospitals, hotels, universities, airports, theme parks, industrial sites, etc.