Use of Navya shuttles in airports

Navya self-driving vehicles have already been used at Paris, Frankfurt and Christchurch airports. Our shuttles are self-driven, and offer an innovative transport solution to both passengers and staff requiring daily transport within the airport’s bounds.

A cutting-edge autonomous
driving system

Navya has developed innovative mobility solutions. Our vehicles are all electric, smart and self-driving – creating added value for private sites such as airports that welcome large volumes of visitors and staff members.

The Autonom® Shuttle bus ideally meets the challenges encountered by airports concerning traveler flow and safe on-site transport. Its features make it a particularly efficient transport option:

  • Can transport up to 15 people in a self-driven manner;
  • Ensures ideal safety and comfort conditions for passengers;
  • Comfortable and user-friendly layout inside;
  • Enhances passenger comfort thanks to its configurable design and 360° outdoor views;
  • Interacts with its environment in real-time;
  • Autonomy for most of the day (9-hour battery life);
  • Uses a clean and environmentally-friendly energy source (100% electric system).

What benefits for airports?

Navya self-driving shuttles offer several advantages for airports, as thousands of people transit through them every day.

  • Improved overall performance within the airport;
  • Maximized crew and passenger transport to and from their flights;
  • Increased passenger frequency;
  • Improved transport conditions;
  • Optimized road safety;
  • Simplified tasks for airport staff;
  • Enhanced airport’s brand image thanks to customized design and innovative system;
  • The inside of the shuttles can be configured to improve transport for reduced mobility passengers;
  • Reduced on-site pollution.

Tailored design

Navya offers vehicles adapted to the airports’ brand image and specific needs. The shuttles fit in perfectly with their local environment and strengthen the airport’s visual identity. The tailored design also means the inside can be adapted to various passenger profiles.

Self-driving shuttles are ideal as an addition to existing transport offers already available within the airport.

What certifications are required for operating a Navya self-driving shuttle?

Most private sites do not require any specific authorizations to use Navya’s autonomous mobility solutions. All Navya automated vehicles comply with regulations in force.

Optimized transport service

Our teams accompany airports every step of the way – from feasibility studies through to commissioning. Navya also boasts a wide array of services enhancing the daily use of our shuttles to the best of our ability:

  • Training for teams
  • 24/7 operational supervision service
  • 24/7 maintenance service.


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