Use of Navya self-driving shuttles on campus

Navya’s self-driving vehicles are currently rolled-out on several campuses throughout the world. Their cutting-edge functionalities mean universities can efficiently manage on-site transport for students, academic teams and visitors.

An ideal autonomous
mobility solution for

Navya self-driving shuttles are the perfect transport solution for on-campus transport. They contribute to a pleasant living environment for thousands of people who go to university every day and need to travel between the campus’ different sites.

Navya’s Autonom® Shuttle solution offers features perfectly-suited for campus life:

  • Safe transport for up to 15 people
  • Guarantees continuous, smooth and stress-free journeys for passengers
  • Comfortable inside layout, that can be adapted to various passenger profiles – including persons with reduced mobility
  • Customizable design
  • Provides a unique and innovative user experience
  • Runs on clean energy (100% electric), and does not emit any harmful gases or disturbing noises
  • Enhances the campus’ brand image and boosts its appeal
  • Ensures optimal interaction with its surrounding environment
  • Reduces operating costs and the site’s carbon footprint

What benefits for

Thanks to its unique features, the Navya smart shuttle offers several advantages for campus life.

  • Improves mobility for students, teachers and visitors;
  • Optimizes user experience;
  • Improves working conditions for academic staff;
  • Ensures smoother-running transport on campus;
  • Makes travelling between the different faculties much easier;
  • Ensures safe transport;
  • Limits traffic;
  • Adapts to various passenger profiles.

A holistic solution for managing passenger transport

Navya mobility systems are offered with several additional services, aiming to improve everyday use:

  • Training
  • 24/7 supervision API
  • 24/7 maintenance

The Navya shuttle fleet is therefore ideal as an addition to existing transport offers already available on campus.

Where to find self-driving shuttles on campuses?

Several universities have already optimized their transport offer with Navya’s latest-generation technology: Salford-Manchester, Gothenburg, Michigan, and Adelaide. These international campuses are mostly private. The use of autonomous shuttles, therefore, does not require any specific authorizations.

Navya teams accompany campuses every step of the way – from feasibility studies through to commissioning. We are also in charge of the outer design and inside configuration, to fit in with the site’s environment and brand image. Navya shuttles offer users a never-before-seen transport experience on campus.


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