Use of Navya shuttles for hospitals

The Navya Autonom® Shuttle provides an appropriate response to mobility challenges faced by hospitals on a daily basis. With its high-performance levels – still very new to the market – our shuttle optimizes welcome services and transport for patients/visitors, and improves hospital staff efficacy.

A revolutionary mobility
solution for hospital on-site

Navya’s electric and smart shuttles are the market’s most experienced autonomous transport solution. Their functionalities make them a driving system perfectly-suited for a hospital environment.

Cutting-edge functionalities

  • Transports up to 15 people smoothly, continuously and safely thanks to high-performance guidance and detection systems
  • Offers passengers optimal comfort conditions
  • Adapts to various passenger profiles – namely for persons with reduced mobility people
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Lowers the site’s carbon footprint thanks to its 100% electric autonomous system
  • Interacts with its outdoor environment in real-time
  • Enhances the company’s brand image by offering customized designs perfectly-suited to its environment and services

What benefits for hospitals?

Navya’s smart shuttle offers hospitals several advantages:

  • Increased overall performance on hospital site thanks to improved team mobility
  • Optimized patient and visitor transport thanks to our smooth-running transport solution
  • Increased circulation area on-site, by reducing parking areas
  • Maximized safety within the hospital area
  • Simplified journeys between the different treatment centers
  • Improved welcome services for patients and new arrivals
  • The hospital’s brand image is enhanced thanks to the smart shuttles’ customized design
  • Reduced on-site traffic congestion

A holistic transport service

Navya’s autonomous mobility solutions offer a large set of services to help hospitals better manage on-site transport:

  • 24/7 supervision service
  • 24/7 maintenance service

Navya teams accompany hospitals every step of the way. Our innovative autonomous driving systems mean we can offer both functional and environmentally-friendly transport services. Many hospitals have already put their trust in Navya’s technology and are currently benefiting from its advantages.

Their use in various other environments is detailed online: campuses, towns, industrial sites, theme parks, local communities, hotels, etc.


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