Navya’s autonomous shuttle for industrial sites

Navya’s self-driving mobility solutions meet all the needs expressed by professionals in the industrial field. These innovative solutions are electric and self-driving, thus improving company performance and making transport smoother for people traveling within their work site on a daily basis – such as employees, customers, workers, visitors, partners, etc.

Autonom® Shuttle: a
revolutionary mobility
solution for transport on
professional sites

Companies within the industrial sector are currently confronted with various issues relating to internal transport for both people and goods: every day, hundreds of employees, customers, partners, and visitors travel around the site – causing difficulties in terms of parking and mobility.

In the long-term, these recurring issues could generate major pollution and lead to delays in production that would be detrimental to the company’s activity as well as to the employees’ working conditions. With Navya’s Autonom® Shuttle model, industrial companies are able to provide a concrete solution to all these problems.

What new functionalities are available with Navya’s shuttles?

The Navya self-driving shuttle is unique within the transport market and offers a cutting-edge navigation system. Its innovative functionalities make it the perfect solution for private industrial sites:

  • Transports a maximum of 15 people without requiring a driver;
  • Offers a holistic mobility solution that is both smooth-running and clean (electric operation);
  • Adapts to various passenger profiles as the inside can be configured (namely for persons with reduced mobility);
  • Offers optimal transport and safety conditions;
  • Interacts with its surroundings in real-time thanks to guidance and detection systems.

What benefits for industrial

Navya’s self-driving systems are particularly well-suited to the industrial sector, as they help face the various challenges encountered by operating sites on a daily basis.

  • Optimizing passenger transport (partners, workers, customers, visitors);
  • Smooth-running mobility;
  • Reduced CO2 emissions;
  • Customizable design adapted to the site’s environment and activity;
  • Certification in line with any regulations in force.

What results can be seen?

Thanks to Navya’s beneficial functionalities, industrial sites can:

  • Improve the teams’ working conditions;
  • Increase production benefits;
  • Relieve on-site traffic congestion;
  • Save space;
  • Enhance the company’s brand image, by offering an innovative means of transport with a customizable design.

A holistic mobility solution for industrial sites

Navya’s self-driving shuttles are offered with a set of services that help optimize the use and make commissioning easier on industrial sites.

  • Training;
  • 24/7 supervision;
  • 24/7 maintenance;
  • Shuttles can be adapted according to user needs.

Navya’s autonomous system does not require any special authorizations for circulating within industrial sites. Our teams are available at any time to present the shuttles and how they work.


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