Use of Navya shuttles for resorts

Navya’s self-driving shuttles are currently in use in several hotel complexes. Their features help to improve the hotel’s overall standing and optimize the guests’ experience in terms of welcome and on-site transport.

An autonomous
transportation solution for

Navya has implemented a cutting-edge autonomous transport solution: the Autonom® Shuttle bus. These smart, electric shuttles are self-driven and can transport up to 15 passengers in optimal comfort and safety conditions.

Navya’s self-driving shuttle functionalities

  • Smooth and continuous transport for 15 passengers
  • Ensures comfortable and safe transport
  • Adapts to various passenger needs, as the inside can be configured (equipment for persons with reduced mobility, seatbelts, thermal filters on the windows, etc.)
  • Enhances the establishment’s brand image thanks to its customizable livery
  • Interacts with its outdoor environment in real-time
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Lowers the site’s carbon footprint thanks to its 100% electric system

A holistic support service

Navya self-driving vehicles offer a wide array of additional services, aiming to optimize their day-to-day use.

  • Training
  • 24/7 supervision
  • 24/7 maintenance

What benefits for resorts?

Navya self-driving shuttles offer several advantages for resorts, as they are required to manage the transport of thousands of people every day (staff, guests and visitors).

  • Optimized welcome and transport services for guests
  • Simplified transport for guests during their stay at the hotel
  • Improved working conditions for hotel staff
  • Enhanced image of the establishment thanks to the Navya shuttles’ customizable design
  • Improve overall performance within the complex
  • Maximize the guests’ experience.

What certifications are required for
using Navya’s shuttles?

On private sites, Autonom® Shuttle buses require no particular authorizations to circulate. They can run continuously or upon request, depending on the hotel’s requirements.

Navya teams accompany resorts every step of the way, throughout their entire project – from design to commissioning, as well as roll-out, training, and maintenance. Several hotel complexes have already put their trust in our innovative technology and are making the most of this new business model to optimize their performance levels and satisfy their guests. Other business sectors currently using our fleet of autonomous systems can be found online.


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