Use of Navya shuttles in theme parks

Navya self-driving shuttles meet the specific issue of visitor and staff transport encountered in theme parks. Thanks to their innovative features, they can improve the park’s overall performance level, and optimize customer experience.

A revolutionary driving
system for theme parks

Navya shuttles were designed to optimize passenger transport, either within private sites or in urban environments. Both electric and 100% autonomous, they can transport 15 passengers without requiring a driver, yet ensuring optimal comfort and safety conditions.

Advantages of Navya self-driving shuttles

  • Smooth and safe driving, thanks to their high-performance guidance systems;
  • Inner lay-out offering utmost comfort;
  • All-new mobility experience;
  • No driver required for a full day’s operation (9-hour battery life);
  • Clean and environmentally-friendly transport solution;
  • They glide through their environment serenely thanks to their cutting-edge detection systems;
  • Adapted to the company’s image thanks to a customized design.

What benefits for theme parks?

Navya smart shuttles boast ideal features for theme parks. Thanks to their innovative driving system, they meet the daily needs encountered by theme parks regarding flow management and customer service.

By relying on a Navya fleet, theme parks can:

  • Improve visitor flows;
  • Welcome customers with a comfortable and innovative solution;
  • Optimize user experience and make transport within the park easier;
  • Provide transport solutions adapted to the park’s various customer profiles, including reduced mobility guests;
  • Improve working conditions for teams and make their everyday journeys easier;
  • Preserve the site’s environment thanks to 100% electric operation;
  • Enhance the park’s brand image;
  • Strengthen the park’s visual identity with a customised design.

Responsive maintenance and supervision services

Navya self-driving vehicles offer a wide array of additional services, to optimize their day-to-day use:

  • Certification – on private sites, Navya self-driving vehicles require no particular authorizations to circulate. Our shuttles meet all the regulatory standards in force.
  • 24/7 supervision service
  • Maintenance service

A cutting-edge transport experience

Navya is a leading French name in the autonomous driving systems. Our expertise enables us to accompany theme parks every step of the way, for all their projects. Thanks to our all-new mobility solutions, parks can offer innovative transport to their customers, as well as to the establishment’s staff. Our shuttles can be configured to adapt to all passenger profiles, and offer a unique on-site user experience.


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