Navya strengthens its technology roadmap and advances on significant milestones thanks to the test and validation environment provided by UTAC

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Villeurbanne, France, May 16th, 2022 – 07:30 am CEST – NAVYA (FR0013018041- Navya), leader in autonomous mobility solutions, details the […]

Villeurbanne, France, May 16th, 2022 – 07:30 am CEST – NAVYA (FR0013018041- Navya), leader in autonomous mobility solutions, details the technological advances made in collaboration with UTAC, which allowed a testing and validation environment at the cutting edge of technology.

As part of the development of its remote supervision of a fleet of autonomous shuttles, Navya took advantage of UTAC’s infrastructure and high-tech tools to:

  • Carry out tests and fine-tune its hypervision in an urban reality-based environment,
  • Carry out braking tests on a mobile and fixed target with different scenarios such as braking on a vehicle slowing down in front of the shuttle (with several decelerations), and as pulling out in front of a vehicle in front of the shuttle (braking afterwards or not),
  • To take full advantage of the Euro Ncap crash test equipment and of an installation fully adapted to autonomous vehicles available at UTAC. 

These tests successfully validated technological and safety milestones essential to the deployment of level 4 autonomous Navya shuttles:

  • The development and validation of sensors, identification algorithms and braking triggering on comfort or safety profiles based on several scenarios reproduced in a repetitive manner,
  • The development and validation of the safety behavior of the shuttles in a controlled, instrumented and safe environment with conclusive results and a successful demonstration,
  • A successful trial of the technological building blocks required for the remote supervision of a level 4 autonomous shuttle fleet in an urban environment (representative in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and other users).
Car-to-car scenario
Cut-in scenario

UTAC was able to demonstrate the potential of its ISO 17025-accredited test laboratories and the expertise of 1,200 engineers and technicians for the validation of autonomous driving systems.

The tests took place at UTAC Linas-Montlhéry circuit on the urban area of the TEQMO dedicated to automated and connected vehicles, with roundabouts and intersections of various sizes, bike lanes, bus lanes, parking areas, urban signs and even a level crossing. The site is also covered by a 5G network as well as a network for short range communications (DSRC, ITS G5, C-V2X).

« We have been working with NAVYA since the opening of Teqmo in 2019. The tests conducted at our UTAC Linas-Montlhéry site use all the features of our infrastructure and demonstrate the know-how of our experts and the technologies implemented. We would like to thank NAVYA for the trust they have placed in us. »

Jérôme Paschal, CTO of UTAC

« Working with UTAC was an obvious choice. Their reputation and reliability in this field is well established, providing Navya with a secure development through a recognized and certified organization. »

Olivier Le Cornec, CTO of NAVYA

About UTAC

UTAC, a leading group in the fields of digital and sustainable mobility, customized test protocols and systems, homologation, certification, consulting and regulatory expertise, vehicle engineering, training, technical control, standardization, corporate events and festivals for vintage and sports cars, offers solutions, systems and services to players in the mobility, transport, tire, agriculture, petrochemical and defense sectors.
UTAC is the only official Euro NCAP test center in France and also has a unique position in Europe thanks to its ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories.
The Group has 8 test centers in France, the United Kingdom, Finland and Morocco, test laboratories in the USA and subsidiaries in Germany, China, Korea and Japan. UTAC currently employs approximately 1,280 people at its various sites and has a turnover of €173 million.
Press Contact: Isabel Lebon


Created in 2014, NAVYA is a leading French name specialized in the supply of autonomous mobility systems and associated services. With 280 employees in France (Paris and Lyon), in the United States (Michigan) and in Singapore, NAVYA aims at becoming the leading player in Level 4 autonomous mobility systems for passenger and goods transport. Since 2015, NAVYA has been the first to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions. The Autonom® Shuttle, main development axis, is dedicated to passenger transport. Since its launch, more than 200 units have been sold in 25 countries as of 31 December 2021. The Autonom® Tract is designed to goods transport. Engaged in an ambitious CSR approach, the Company has an active policy in this area, as illustrated by the obtaining of the ISO 9001 certification in September 2021. The Valeo and Keolis groups are among NAVYA’s historical shareholders.
NAVYA is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (ISIN code: FR0013018041- Navya).  Further details :



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